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Guest Facilities at CoCo Bay Unawatuna Beach Hotels

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This beautifully designed Boutique Resort overlooking turquoise waters, fusing modern flair with luxury architecture is a unique approach to hospitality. Enjoy a range of amenities carefully selected by this Unawatuna beach hotels for your Devine pleasure during your stay.








The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga can also lower blood pressure, reduce insomnia and stress as well as improve body flexibility.

One Day Plan

One Yoga Session Per Day USD 09 Per Person Two Yoga Sessions Per Day USD 16 Per Person

Three Days Classic Package USD 125 Per Person


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Sunrise Yoga

Sunrise Yoga

Sunrise Yoga


Lagoon & Village Cycling Tour

Lagoon Canoeing

Cookery Demonstration


At Leisure

At Leisure

Snorkeling / Trekking to Peace Pagoda & Meditation


Sunset Yoga


Sunset Yoga

Cycle, Head Gear, Snorkeling Mask, Safety Jacket & Light Refreshments are included in Price.


 Please visit our wellness club / front desk for more details and bookings.                                                                                           



Herbal Massage

This full body massage inspired by Sri Lankan Ayurveda.

Techniques will relax the muscles of the entire body by means of fine oil application, it supports body metabolism and improves blood circulation.

Our back suffers most from everyday stress and bad lifestyle. Have your back pampered and enjoy both, preventive and healing care which we offer to you in this massage. Warm herbal bags will relax your stiff muscles and prepare them for this special massage aimed at problematic and sore body parts. By means of selected herbal oils and Sri Lankan Ayurveda massage techniques, this therapy helps to relieve the pain in the lower back, cervical spine, head and stiff nape of the neck.

and fascia) and it is focused mainly on the problematic parts of your body. It completely relieves muscle cramps and eliminates blockages. The technique used in this massage is similar to the classic Sri Lankan Ayurveda massage and is carried out in a moreThis massage will treat the deeper layers of soft tissue (muscles intensive and tissue-aimed way.

 You will experience an absolute relaxation and relief of the entire body, which will let you forget about the world around you for a while. This massage has beneficial effects on headaches and it relieves the stiff nape of the neck. Due to the gentle movements used, it will significantly brighten your face up. The head is one of the main areas of many passing energy paths and therefore this massage also harmonises the entire body. This treatment can also be an excellent complement of the entire body massage.

Do you feel that your body needs a detoxification and firming up?

Try this massage which will cleanse your organism of deposits which have gathered over the time due to the living environment, food and medication. With the help of the detoxifying effects this massage will strongly revive the entire body. It is therefore most suitable for tiredness and weakness as a result of stress, illness or if you suffer from nervous disorders and uneasiness. The technique of this massage is carried out mainly in the area of the back and the nape of the neck.

This massage is intended for children from 2 to 12 years old. 
Pamper your children with a fine oil massage of the entire body. 


Renowned Ayurveda Doctor Available for Consultation



Doctor Gayani Manjula Manatunga

B.A.M.S. (Colombo) Sri Lanka

Medical Officer of Ayurveda since 1996. Started carrier under the Ministry of Health & Indigenous Medicine as a Government Medical Officer.


  • Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery, University of Colombo. Sri Lanka
  • Ayurveda Medical Officer having experience in Panchakarma, Massage Therapy, Facial Treatments and Spa.
  • Jothisha Rathna Ayurveda Award from International Asia Ayurveda Medicine Research Centre, India.
  • Keerthi Sri Desha Shakthi Ayurvidya Prasadhi Vidyabhimani Honorary Award from National Peace Association, Sri Lanka.


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